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3 Reasons to Use Well Water at Your Mountain Cabin

Mountain Cabin
Having a cabin in the mountains is a dream for many people. If you're purchasing or building one, you probably want to set up your own little piece of paradise. Of course, before you can start enjoying your little cabin, you'll have to figure out all of the logistics, such as providing yourself with utilities.
Instead of hooking up with the local water provider's water lines, consider installing a well. Here's why. 
1. Buy or Build a Cabin in a Really Remote Place
Of course, a lot of beautiful mountain properties aren't very secluded. If you're craving a place that's tucked away in the woods and that is as far away from other people as possible, though, this is a possibility for you as well.
One problem that some people have when building or buying cabins in really remote places in the mountains is that a water supply might not be available. If this is something you've encountered, you shouldn't let it prevent you from having the remote cabin that you want.
Instead, try using well water. A well can be installed on remote properties that might be far away from municipal water lines, making it possible for you to create a little mountain oasis in an area that's as far away from civilization as possible.
2. Enjoy a More Natural Water Source
Municipal water is typically filtered and treated with a variety of chemicals. Some people like this because they like to know that their water is being treated and that it's safe. Some people also like the inclusion of things like fluoride in their drinking water.
You might be hoping for something a little more natural, though, and that's something you can get if you install a water well. Instead of drinking and using water that might be laden with chemicals and that might not have a natural taste, you can take advantage of a natural water resource.
Many people love the taste of the natural groundwater in mountainous areas. You may love that you're protecting yourself and your family from chemicals. Of course, safety is still important, but you can have the water tested each year to make sure that it's safe to drink. You can also install your own water filtration system to filter and clean the water without adding chemicals.
3. Keep Costs Reasonable
Whether you're moving into your mountain cabin full time or if you are hoping to use it as a getaway place, you want to keep costs reasonable. Of course, you'll have the installation cost of putting in a well, so you'll need to budget for this. Once you get past this initial cost, though, you can keep the monthly expenses at your mountain cabin more affordable with a water well.
Since you will not be using municipal water, you will not have to worry about getting a bill from the local municipal water provider for your water usage. You can use as much water as you want as long as your well is installed in the right place and is buried deep enough.
Of course, you'll need to factor in the cost of maintaining your well pump, but you'll still probably see some savings, particularly if you're planning on keeping your mountain cabin for a long time and if you stay on top of well pump maintenance.
If you are dreaming of buying or building a cabin in the mountains, don't forget to think about things like having a water supply. Luckily, water supply is easy to take care of. Contact us at Clyde Sawyers & Son Well Drilling & Pump Service today so that we can help with this project.