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6 Things You Need to Do If You’re Relying on Well Water

Deep Well

Recent home buyers who are living in a home supplied by well water for the first time have to get used to keeping up with well maintenance and repair needs. 

Overlooking well maintenance can quickly result in a situation where your plumbing fixtures are out of service.

As a new well owner and user, you need to do the following six things when you're moving into your new home to keep your well in good condition. 

Have Water Tested

Periodic testing is important for any type of water supply. When you're relying on a well, you need to do your own testing to ensure that your home's water is healthy. 

If you're moving into a property with a well, you should have the water tested to make sure that no contaminants are present and you don't need to invest in improved filtration. 

Ask the Previous Owner for Well Maintenance Tips

One of the best sources of information on the water well that you'll rely on in your new home is the previous owner. Before you make an offer on a property that relies on well water, you should discuss the well's condition with the seller.

The seller should explain to you any maintenance procedures that are necessary to keep the well operating properly. He or she should also provide you with important statistics like the depth and flow rate of the well. 

Inspect the Landscape Around Your Well

One of the most important things you need to do to keep your well functioning properly and your well water pure is to maintain your wellhead. You do this by avoiding certain landscaping procedures around your wellhead that require heavy equipment that may cause damage. 

Whatever landscaping work you perform on your new property, make sure that that the ground always slopes downwards from your wellhead. You should also keep your wellhead elevated to reduce the chances that contamination occurs. 

Find a Well Water Service Provider

You need to find a company in your area who can service your well when necessary. If there are any malfunctions in your well, you're going to want to know who you can call for prompt service so that you can keep water supplied to your home.

Get in touch with a well and well pump service provider. You might even want to have your new service provider come by and inspect your well so that you know if you need any repairs or any replacement parts installed. 

Familiarize Yourself with Local Regulations

Different municipalities have distinct regulations on well pump and well water purity maintenance. You need to familiarize yourself with local regulations as well as local contamination risks. You can discuss local regulations with your well service provider or with the previous homeowner.

You should not only look into local regulations about well water purity but also familiarize yourself with restrictions on what types of lawn care products or landscaping procedures you can carry out while still maintaining the purity of your well. 

Create a Maintenance Schedule

You should create a maintenance schedule with the information you get from the previous homeowner and your well service provider.

Some of the regular maintenance that a well requires includes cleaning, water pressure checks, flow rate inspections, and water quality inspections. Devise a schedule to stay on top of these maintenance needs.

You may even want to schedule maintenance appointments out into the future with your service provider so that you're sure you won't overlook maintenance needs down the road.

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