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Five Reasons to Consider a Water Conditioning System

The water that comes into your house is likely filled with calcium and magnesium. A water conditioning system filter those minerals out of your water before it exits the faucet, helping your household in many ways, including the following five benefits.

Softer Skin and Hair

When you shower in hard water, the minerals get all over your body and hair. Over time this can make your skin dry and itchy and your hair dull. By removing those minerals from the water, your skin and hair can become softer and smoother.

Longer Appliance Life

Hard water is tough on appliances. The calcium and magnesium build up, causing damage and poor function. Soft water can help extend the life of your appliances and reduce costs on repairs.

Cleaner Clothes

When clothing gets washed in hard water, the minerals get trapped in the fibers of the fabric. A water conditioning system can help your clothes last longer and get cleaned better.

Easier Cleaning

Soft water does not leave behind water marks when you clean. This means that cleaning silverware, plates and faucet fixtures will be much easier.

Less Soap

Soap is designed to mix with soft water. This means that less soap is needed to create a strong lather with soft water.
A water conditioning system can have many positive impacts on your household. Call Clyde Sawyers & Son Well Drilling at 828-255-7688 to learn more about this type of system.